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10-12 am Saturday February 3, 2024, in the Uwchgyrfai History Center Schoolhouse, Clynnog Fawr

Cof y Cwmwd is a website with almost 1700 articles about the history of Uwchgwyrfai (https://cof.uwchgwyrfai.cymru). Anyone can contribute to it by going to the website.

Asv Covid has not been disrupting everyday life so much recently, it is time for our friends to come together to add to the content of Cof y Cwmwd. We have fast fiber broadband wi-fi so that we can run courses. More than 1670 articles have been created, BUT there is still room to add facts to many of them and create more. Come and learn about the Memory and how to add to it. The skills you will learn are the same as skills for using and editing Wikipedia.

Free and Open to all. Tea/coffee and biscuits. You will need to bring a Windows laptop or iPad that can connect to the Web so that you can participate.

You are asked to register by sending an email to cofycwmwd@gmail.com