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The Journal - Gwreiddiau Gwynedd Roots

"Gwreiddiau Gwynedd Roots" is the official publication of the Society and is published twice annually in April and November. It is distributed free to Members in print format. 

The Journal contains articles of general genealogical interest, members’ submitted stories of their research, as well as articles relevant to Gwynedd Family History. It also contains regular features including Society news and notices, a section containing Members’ interests and a Members’ letters and queries secton.

An index is available for the main articles in the Society's Journal - Gwreiddiau Gwynedd Roots Numbers 1 - 60.

Gwreiddiau Gwynedd Roots


The first Spotlight feature occurred in GGR No 44 in the Spring/Summer of 2003. Since then we have had journals covering a wide range of topics; work, the sea, estates, migration (more than once), education, religion. Some contained only a dozen or so pages whilst others, such as the Great War,  took over the whole journal. Several Spotlights have concentrated on a specific area e.g. Autumn / Winter 2021 was “Holyhead and district.

The Spotlight for Gwreiddiau Gwynedd Roots 84 Spring 2023 was on .Llyn & Eifionydd

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