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Merionethshire Welsh church records of baptisms, marriages and burials on Ancestry.com

Among Ancestry.co.uk's historical data are Welsh church records of baptisms, marriages and burials. Although this information is fairly comprehensive, its value is lessened  by a number of indexing inconsistencies and inaccuracies, especially for Merionethshire. The problems become evident when using the "browse" tool - almost half the registers are listed under the wrong parish.

All the registers listed for Merioneth have been studied in order to create a spreadsheet containing the correct information. In the case of post 1813 registers (Baptism and Burial) and post 1837 (Marriage) this was a fairly simple process, as the name of the parish was noted at the top of each page. With earlier registers it was necessary to use a variety of sources in order to discover the correct parish. 

The spreadsheet includes a list of the parishes and dates in Ancestry's "browse" list. A list of the correct parishes for each register, together with the contents of the registers, dates, pages and additional information. As an example, the Mixed Betws Gwerful Goch register for the years 1686 - 1769 has been included by Ancestry on pages 397- 435 Llanelltud (Mixed 1686 - 1769).

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