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Llangwyfan - Agy 54

St Cwyfan (Old) Church

Locally know as the ‘Church in the Sea’. It stands on a small island in Porth Cwyfan some 200 from the high water mark and is accessible across a causeway only at low tide. Originally this small island was attached to the mainland. When St Cwyfan establiseshed the church in the 7th century it stood on a narrow peninsula (of clay overlying bedrock) between the two streams of Llywen and Cwyfan. Continual erosion by the sea meant that by the 16th century the church stood on an island. The earliest parts of the existing building dates from the 11th century. Over the years it has been a much larger-and more important-church than that which stands today. Over the centuries the effects of the damage by the sea to the island, the graveyard and the church means that by 1891 the building was in ruins. In 1893 sufficient money was raised not only to re-roof the church but also to erect a massive retaining wall around the island. The constant battering from the elements however means that the church had to be repaired on several occasions since that time.

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