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Llanfugail - Agy 44

St Migel Church

This historic church is unique to the Isle of Anglesey because it has retained its character and some of the interior of the medieval church standing on this site ( it is listed in the Norwich Taxation 1254) Little is known about Migel except he left his name on two rocks not far from the Skerries called Maen Figel [Migel’s Rock] William Morris ( one of the Morrissiaid Môn ) renovated it in the 18th century and again in the following century. The interior is more or less as it was with box pews, benches for the workers and standing room for the paupers. The bell bears the inscription ‘God save this church 1642’ It has now (in 2007) been adopted by the Friends of Friendless Churches. It is a Grade 11 listed building.

Memorial Inscriptions

The churchyard has been transcribed (M210) and the publication is available for purchase in our online shop.

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St Figel Church