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Llanedwen - Agy 27

St Edwen Church

St Edwen's Church, is a 19th-century parish church near the Menai Straits. The first church was founded here by St Edwen (daughter of Edwin of Northumbria, king and saint) in 640, but the present structure dates from 1856 and was designed by Henry Kennedy, the architect of the Diocese of Bangor. It contains some memorials from the 17th and 18th centuries and a reading desk that reuses panel work from the 14th and 17th centuries. The 18th-century historian Henry Rowlands was vicar here, and is buried in the churchyard. The church is on land that forms part of the Plas Newydd estate, home of the family of the Marquess of Anglesey since 1812 and owned by the National Trust. Some of the Marquesses of Anglesey, and some of their employees, are also buried in the churchyard.. St Edwen's is one of the few churches in regular use in Wales to be lit entirely by candles. It is a Grade II listed building

Memorial Inscriptions

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